Semi automatic measuring machine for superfine powder

Semi automatic measuring machine for superfine powder

Model No.︰MACCZLX-10K

Brand Name︰marchi

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Semi automatic measuring machine for superfine powder

Brief description:

The machine is mainly developed and designed for superfine powder which is easy to raise dust and high-precision packaging requirements. According to the signal given by the weight sensor installed under the container, it can complete the work of double speed filling, measurement and lifting. It is suitable for packaging additives, carbon powder, dry powder for fire extinguisher, other ultra-fine powder, and powder with high-precision packaging requirements.

Technical features:

1. A weight sensor is installed under the container tray, which can fill quickly and slowly according to the preset weight to ensure high packaging accuracy.

2. The servo motor drives the tray up and down, and the lifting speed can be set arbitrarily. Basically, there is no dust blowing out to pollute the environment during filling.

3. Servo motor and servo drive control screw have stable performance and high precision.

4. PLC control, touch screen human-machine interface display, easy to operate.

5. All stainless steel structure; combined material box, easy to clean.

6. The filling head is equipped with hand wheel to adjust the height, so as to realize the packing of various specifications easily.

7. Fixed screw installation structure, filling will not affect the material properties.

8. Working process: manual bagging or manual can placing → container rising → rapid filling, and at the same time container dropping → weight reaching preset value

Slow filling → weight reaching target value → manual removal of container.

9. Pneumatic bag clamping device and can holding device can be selected. Only different devices are needed to meet the requirements of canning and bagging.


Measuring range kg

Measurement accuracy

Power supply Metering speed
MACCZLX-10K 5~10 ≤±0.1~0.2% 3P AC208V ~ 415V 50/60Hz 2.7KW 2-8 times / min
MACCZLX-50K 10~50 ≤±0.05~0.1% 3P AC208V ~ 415V 50/60Hz 3.2KW 1-4 times / min


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