Soap packing machine

Soap packing machine

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰Marchi

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 40000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Technical Features:

1. Can store 10 groups of applications.

2. The sealing line can be adjusted automatically. The surface coating of the sealing cutter adopts imported      Teflon high-temperature anti-adhesive material to ensure the sealing is firm and beautiful.

3. The longitudinal and transverse sealing temperatures can be individually controlled.

4. Automatic feeding, the adjustment is very simple, the product size change does not need to change the mold and the bag can be used for packaging single or group products.

5. The conveying speed can be adjusted on the touchscreen.

6. Automatically take up waste.

7. The sealing and cutting part is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover, and the sealing and cutting knife has an automatic protection function to effectively prevent the wrong cut of the package.

8. Motor drive, the sealing line is automatically centered.

9. Color touch screen, PLC operating system. And with automatic alarm function, greatly improving the operator's safety.

10. Applicable shrink film: PE, POF folding film 0.01-0.05mm.

11. Meet the European CE certification standards.


Available Options:

1. Printed film color code tracking photoelectric system.

2. Stainless steel casing.

3. Entrance and exit photoelectric control.

4. Additional feed conveyor or discharge conveyor.


Technical parameters:



No.2 High-Efficiency Thermal Cycle Shrinking Machine


Technical Features:

1. The hot air circulation system adopts an integrated design and the heating rate is fast.
2. Solid state relay and PID control, temperature error is ±1 °C.
3. It adopts metal heating tube and is durable.
4. The heater has a unique drawer design for easy inspection and replacement of the heating tube.
5. The inverter controls the conveying speed.
6. Solid activity roller, high-temperature silicone sleeve.
7. The inverter controls the blower speed of the fan, and the blower flow can be adjusted according to the product.
8. The direction of the blowing on both sides can be adjusted to achieve the best shrinking effect.
9.100mm thick insulation layer can effectively reduce heat loss and save energy.

Available Options:
1. Stainless steel casing.
2. Turnable furnace cover.
3. Discharge cooling fan.
4. Fix the roller conveyor belt.


Payment Terms︰ L/C TT

Application︰ Applications:

This machine can be used with the automatic packaging line, and the feeding, bagging, sealing and shrinking are automatically completed.

High work efficiency, suitable for high volume production industries. The advanced design concept makes the adjustment and parameter setting of the equipment simpler and scientific.

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