flour/rice/snack food/dessert box bag packaging machine

flour/rice/snack food/dessert box bag packaging machine

Model No.︰VFS5000A5/7300A

Brand Name︰Guangzhou Marchi

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 This unit consists of box bag packaging machine, auger metering machine, elevator, belt conveyor, weight checker etc. and a latest type of automatic metering packaging unit for milk powder developed by our company, the packaging bag is added with four corner edges based on vertical bag, making the spatial sense of the packaging bag stronger and appearance more beautiful and decent and your product have more attraction. This packaging machine used imported servomotor for film delivery, and man-machine interface uses advanced touch screen to make operation simpler and more convenient.


        Bag size         


Metering range
Packaging speed


Front face width: 50~190

Side face width: 35~90

Width of side seal: 5~8

Bag length range: 100~420mm

Max. width of packaging material: 520mm
10-2000 ≤100g Deviation ≤±2%, 100~500g Deviation ≤±1%, ≥500g Deviation ≤±0.5% 10-40
Front face width: 60~260

Side face width: 45~120

Width of side seal: 5~10

Bag length range: 100~460mm

Max. width of packaging material: 730mm
10--2000 ≤100g Deviation ≤±2%, 100~500g Deviation ≤±1%, ≥500g Deviation ≤±0.5% 10-30



Application︰ milk powder,rice.flour,sweet etc.